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Whoever wants to reach a distant goal 

must take many......steps

​Helmut Schmidt

- Effective Writing Skills

- Communication Skills: Part I Examination and Enhancement (E-2)

- Communication Skills: Part II Tone, Tact, Tenacity (T-3)

- Academic/Professional Success

- Grammar Refresher

- Speaking and Presentation Skills Workshop

- Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for Effective Writing (A special 5 day program)

- Review, Refresh and Revitalize Your Diction

- Advanced Writing for Government Employees

​- Leadership Imperatives

- Leader’s Prayer Life

- Strategic Planning

- Maximizing Potential for Spiritual Growth

- Community Economic Development

- Inside and Outside the Walls of the Church

- Proposal Writing for Faith-Based Organizations

- Can You Walk the Talk?

​- In God’s Waiting Room

(Course descriptions available upon request)


- Steps for Effective Writing

Christian Success Initiatives (CSI) (Christian Success Initiatives (CSI) has four components: 1. The Winner in You; 2. Your Walk and Your Talk; 3. Lead Us Not into Temptation; and
4. God’s Standards for Excellence. There is also a CSI Children’s book series available. For more information contact Dr. Catherine Williams at

- Succexcellence:  Reaching Success and Excellence

- Succexcellence:  Reaching Success and Excellence God’s Way

- Four Steps to Succexcllence:  The THROW Model for College Writing

Training Manuals

- Effective Workplace Writing

- Advanced Writing

- How to Write Proposals

- Developing a Professional Style and Image

- Briefing and Presentation Skills

- Revise, Refresh and Revitalize Diction

- The “U Factor” for Success

Faith Based Resources

- Responsibility:  Understanding and Accepting It

- Academic Excellence God’s Way

- Life’s Challenges: Don’t Let Them Get You Down

- Biblical Sexuality (BS)

- Dress for Success

- Character Counts

-Conflict Management and Resolution

​- Leadership for Today’s Society

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