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steps for effective writing

Whoever wants to reach a distant goal 

must take many......steps

​Helmut Schmidt

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Phenomenal!  This work is absolutely one of the best, if not the best practical tool for new, experienced, and professional writers.  Regardless of position, level, or organization in which one may be, Dr. Williams’ Steps for Effective Writing is a tool for work, school, and preparing speeches.  Ensuring that thoughts and messages are received in the spirit that they are written or spoken is critical to one’s success.  Using Dr. Williams’ strategies, shortcuts, and resources outlined in this book is paramount if one is destined for success.  Again, phenomenal!

Debbie Bullock, Ed.D

Director, Human Resources – Lincoln University
Adjunct Professor –Wilmington University

As a writing professor, I found Dr. Catherine Williams’ book, Steps for Effective Writing, to be an excellent tool for addressing the challenges faced by today’s learners.  Craftily presented as an easy read, Steps for Effective Writing offers readers the essential steps required to successfully overcome various writing barriers.  In essence, Dr. Williams successfully demonstrates how an innovative step-by-step method can help learners manufacture writing into a significantly rich learning process.

Marlene M. Jackson

Professor, Johns Hopkins University
Professor, University of Phoenix

Steps for Effective Writing is a book for anyone who wants to improve their writing skills.  What we learn in high school and college is an academic communication style that is too verbose, takes too long to get to the point, and full of information in all thewrong places.  I kept this book at my side while writing a proposal that had to be content-dense yet short and readable.  I have since bought several copies of Dr. Williams’ book to give to people around the office.

Jimmie L. Bell

Public Affairs Officer, DOD

​Dr. Williams’ Steps for Effective Writing is packed with practical ideas to boost the confidence of any writer.  The book is clearly written and can be read effortlessly.  Her strategies and the section on grammar review can be used as a refresher for experienced writers as well as assistance for inexperienced writers.  I would recommend that this book stay close at hand for reference for all your writing assignments.

Bae Johnson

Entrepreneur, Counselor and Former Director of Parent Education 

Effective writing is one of the most important skills needed for success in the world of work and academic arenas.

Most people take writing classes because they don’t know how to write and they are reluctant to try. However, it is important to emphasize the fact that good writing requires work.  My philosophy is: “You learn to write by writing and practice makes perfect.”  Steps for Effective Writing is a vehicle to help. I invite you to have an open mind, relax, and prepare to take a journey to your writing success.  It begins with the seven steps explained in my book.  Dr. Catherine Williams